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A Twuck for Peanut

My father has always asked me to make a children’s book. There have been a few attempts, but this is the first time the follow through happened. The hope of the book is to shear with my nephew a message for life, that is found in the daily practice of auto maintenance.


Just because old things are old, doesn’t mean they aren’t useful and often it is the people in ones life that are the real gold of life itself. The drawings in “a twuck for peanut” are of people’s cars whom I know. I drew these as daily Instagram posts to bring color into the world after asking one of my friends who is in the medical Industry, Dustin, “what can I do to help?”


He responded “put color and life into the world, even with something as simple as your daily Facebook/ Instagram  posts ... I know I’ll Be looking for them while I’m working at the hospital.” During Covid 19 we have all been stuck in our homes or confined to a smaller pattern than that of our usual day to day. How we get through all this is the same way we as a people have gotten through everything, common courtesy, helping one another where we can, doing ones best every day. That is the hope of the book “a twuck for peanut”. I draw, but I also love to work on old cars as I love to garden.

It’s about the daily challenge of keeping things running and healthy... drawing, gardening and working on old cars.

 - Rex Hausmann

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