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Spain 2024

KSAT Enormous painting of Mission Espada To Go Up For Auction


SOS and Hausmann Millworks in France 2022

"Finding Your Happiness"

KLRN's The Beat  shares stories from street art to fine art, in support of the local arts community in San Antonio.

"Three Dudes in a Truck" 2021

"A Walk through the studio for France" (2016)

"Talking about gardens and New York" (2020)
Special thanks to Xitlalt Herrera Salazar


“Creative Carriers: Modern in San Antonio at Confluence Park”
Special thanks to Elizabeth Williams (2019)

“Modern in San Antonio: Chat with Elizabeth Williams” (2020)
Special thanks to Elizabeth Williams

Rex Hausmann for Cats | Donuts | Starships | Ideals @ Gallery Nord 2013, by Mason Smith

Finding Your San Antonio (Part 1)

Walk through of McNay Art Museum Rex's Gallery

Rex Hausmann's Ithica

Rex Hausmann Mission Project Presentation with Gene Hausmann

Archive: Projects

A Message to the viewer:

These videos are a consortium of "projects" early work from installations that bust apart (Soap Box Gallery "This is My Body This is My Blood", curated by Jim Greenfield in Brooklyn, to "The White Show" in Kansas curated by Darin and Shannon White and "Blood and Fire" in Los Angeles and New York curated by Sam Kho). To rooms literally built out of creativity and community (Blue Star "Revisitation" in San Antonio, Texas) and ("The Middle of Somewhere" in Mason, Texas) .... to video projects with friends, a camera and pie from a local café, or a giant donut (that tasted great, but was just too much donut for one person) .... the hope of this section is to show that life is an adventure... and should be embraced a such. Shear with your friends, build a bigger canvas of creativity, enjoy the process.

To young artists (perhaps to those right out of art school or thinking about an art degree) embrace the process, say what you need to say at the time you need to say it. Really try to make things happen you will learn more than you think in the process. Respect and ask advice of older artists, and community leaders and art organizers in your local community that have survived the gauntlet of life and creativity, their words and life's stories are precious and to be respected. Reach for a bigger canvas, you CAN do this thing, you CAN make things happen abroad it just takes some time and patients, stick with it.

Being an artist is a lot of work. Just old fashioned hard work. Your friends will take you places you never thought possible and so will you... it will take a lot, but it is worth it. Stick with it.

Many of these shows in the videos were critically reviewed and written about in the context they were shown. Again, to the person who is engaged in there art carrier, or is in the middle of something creative, or is trying to make things happen... You can do this, and you will love the process. Embrace the process.

- Rex Hausmann

(non edited, for content & spelling ... to keep the heart, in memory of Richard T., special thanks to Dr Romo and Nestor).

Works during a stint in grad school at Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah GA
special thanks to Prof Steve Knudsen, Prof Jason Holshire and Prof Denise Carson

The San Antonio Museum of Art Project:
Special thanks to Katy Luber

"The Artist Statement" (a video project with San Antonio art community)
Special thanks to: Trevor, Coby, Marylyn, Sohail, Paul, Juan, Rachel, Jimmy, Dave, Joey, Gary and Kyle and Rachel,
*The pie at Willow Creek in Mason Texas is stupendous.

"This is My Body, This is My Blood": 1000 paper air plains for my brother.) Soap Box Gallery in Brooklyn, New York
Special thanks to Jim Greenfield

"The Room Bender: A Community" in Lawrence, Kansas (latter we would bring a 59 passenger bus to Lawrence, Kansas filled with artists, for a show of their work at Lawrence Art Center and Spencer Museum of Art
Special thanks to Darin and Shannon White, B.A.L.M. and Lawrence Art Center and Spencer Museum of Art.

Finding a giant donut with my brother in Round Rock, Texas
Special thanks to Kyle and Rachel Martin with Jack Rabbit Studios in Mason, Texas

"The Middle of Somewhere"
Special thanks to Kyle Martin, David Almaguer, Pat Winn and Russell Stephenson

Special thanks to Bill Fitzgibbons

The early years of The Millworks: “Texas Cannons of Proportion”
Special thanks to Kyle Martin, Pat Winn, David Almaguer, Russel Stephenson, John Cowan, Louie Chavez
The show:

Set up with Dave and Louie:

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