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San Antonio artist marks Uvalde school shooting with special gift to grieving community


In commemoration of the one-year anniversary of the tragic Uvalde school shooting, Rex Hausman, a renowned artist from San Antonio whose vibrant artwork captivates audiences worldwide, is extending a heartfelt gesture to the still healing community.

Having personally endured the trauma of being a shooting victim in his youth, Hausmann felt compelled to convey a meaningful message of support to the children and families who survived the school shooting. His chosen method was through his art. The masterpiece he created belongs to his esteemed "Hunting Blind" series and was crafted amidst the serene hunting grounds of the Uvalde region last year. Today, this profound painting graces the walls of the Ecumenical Center, serving as a beacon of solace for the Uvalde community on their journey toward healing.

Hausman eloquently explained the essence of his artwork, titled "Ofrenda," stating, "It's an offering, a testament to the unpredictable nature of life. It reminds us that unfortunate events can befall even the most virtuous individuals. The most arduous aspect isn't the physical wounds inflicted; it's grappling with the 'why.' Why did this tragedy befall me? Why did God allow it?" His deep reflections encapsulated the profound meaning behind his artistic creation.

During his time as an art student pursuing his master's degree in Pennsylvania, Hausman himself fell victim to an act of gun violence. While returning home from class, he was ambushed by gang members who were inducting new recruits. Recollecting the incident, Hausman shared, "There was one person wielding the gun that day, another keeping watch, and two others stationed in the car." Later, law enforcement informed him that his survival was an extraordinary stroke of luck, as the intended outcome for such encounters is often fatal. Hausman endured a lengthy rehabilitation process, during which his ability to walk was severely impaired. However, he found solace and expression through his art.

"Through the power of forgiveness, as I recited the Lord's Prayer, I began to heal internally. It's an indescribable experience that compels you to take action, such as creating art. Every day, I am grateful for life, grateful for the opportunity to paint," Hausman revealed, his passion emanating from his words. He faithfully dedicates each day to painting within the cherished confines of his family's studio, Hausman Millworks.

Today, Hausman's paintings command significant value, often fetching tens of thousands of dollars. Recently, one of his masterpieces sold for $20,000 at a fundraiser for the Missions. As his reputation soars, so too does the significance of his message. The Uvalde Ofrenda painting, having graced the esteemed Sheen Center in New York City earlier this year, was then brought to its rightful home in Uvalde.

Hausman's unwavering faith has fortified his spirit. He has found the strength to forgive those who caused him harm and has embraced a promising future. He fervently prays that the people of Uvalde will discover their own path to forgiveness and healing.

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