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Notes on St. Denis

These were paintings and studies from my time in France starting in 2015 - 2020 or so. The series itself is mostly in personal notes in travel journals. A lot of small works are scattered in private collections and tons of work posted to Instagram and Facebook from the time of 2016 - 2019. The smaller works were made, to borrow a word from the French Artist Daniel Buren "In-Situ" or "In situation" meaning they were produced in a situation with a space and a time and place. These images presented are all over the map. Some studies on loose paper, others fully finished works. Even one is for my Aunt in her dinning room. Some images are good and some ok. These works are a smattering of findings or "notes". In the studio I have started to call things "Notes" or "Fragments". I am a painter, and in the words of Miles Davis "I'll play it first and tell you what it is called latter". The works are bi products of experiences and remain as such.

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