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Works in a Pandemic 2020

"The Great Wave and The Burning Bush" (2020) by Rex Hausmann
acrylic and ink on 100 + year family barn wood, with feather carved by family member.
84" x 42" x 4"
Truax Family, San Antonio TX.

“The Prayer” (2020) by Rex Hausmann
acrylic on canvas with a coin from Saint Paul de Vence and San Antonio Tiles
48" ×72" x 2"
Private Collection, San Antonio, Texas
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"The Processional" (2020) by Rex Hausmann
ink and canvas, with frames and drawings with wood from Hausmann Millworks Design Company, built with my father.
48" x 61" x 4"
collection of Mark E. Homer & Denise Gutierrez Pintor, San Antonio, Texas


"Cathedral In The Trees" (2020) by Rex Hausmann
acrylic on canvas with San Antonio Tiles and water from San Antonio River
144" x 82"
Collection of First Baptist Church San Antonio
Special thanks to Aaron Hufty, Elizabeth Williams and Dr Michael John Trotta

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